The East Light’s Lee Seokcheol And Lee Seunghyun File Lawsuit Against Media Line Producer

Their father has submitted the complaint himself.

The East Light’s, Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun, has filed a lawsuit against Producer Moon Young Il at 11 am on October 22nd.

It was announced earlier in the day that the two idols’ father would be submitting the complaint himself and their lawyer, Jung Ji Suk, would be accompanying them.


On October 18th, it was reported that The East Light members were continuously assaulted, physically and verbally, by CEO Kim Chang Hwan and Producer Moon Young Il of Media Line Entertainment for the past 4 years.

Rookie Idol Band The East Light Victims of Constant Assault and Abuse by Company Producer And CEO


Then on the morning of the 19th, Lee Seokcheol opened a press conference with his lawyer and revealed more details as to how The East Light members were treated by both the CEO and producer.

The East Light’s Leader Lee Seokcheol Holds Tell-All Press Conference on Band’s Abuse and Assault


CEO Kim Chang Hwan has denied accusations that he condoned or aided in the abuse that occurred but Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun has set forth their depositions and evidential photos to prove otherwise.


Read the full statement from Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun’s lawyer below:

“In regard to the assault case of The East Light members, Lee Seokcheol and Lee Seunghyun’s representative, Nam Gang (attorney in charge, Jung Ji Suk) will file a lawsuit against the assailant, Producer Moon Young Il, at the Public Service Center of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

The lawsuit will be filed by the plaintiff’s father and Jung Ji Suk will be accompanying them.

Thank you.

Jung Ji Suk, Attorney”

Source: SE Daily

The East Light vs. Media Line Entertainment's Assault Case