EDAM Entertainment Expresses “Shock” In New Statement Addressing IU’s Plagiarism Allegations

“Hello, this is EDAM Entertainment…”

EDAM Entertainment released a new statement addressing plagiarism allegations targeting IU.

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On May 12, IU’s label released a new statement. The statement is translated below.

Hello, this is EDAM Entertainment.

First, we would like to apologize to the fans for causing concern.

We have been continuously monitoring and investigating allegations of plagiarism, baseless rumors that IU is a spy and sexually offensive comments, so when some of these commenters who alleged plagiarism reported it to the police, we were beyond speechless and were shocked.

On May 10, after reports of the lawsuit were first reported, we hired a copyright lawyer and verified the contents of the lawsuit. To sum things up, per our investigation and news reports, the accusers aren’t suing the producers of the alleged plagiarized songs but are only suing IU. By the accusers, who have no interest in the copyrights (of the songs), only suing IU, who is the singer, when many producers have stated that plagiarism did not take place, we were able to learn that the accusers were suing to damage IU’s image.

We have faith that investigators will make a quick and wise judgment on the wrongful lawsuit, and based on the results of the investigation, we will ask the accusers to take full accountability (based on the law).

We have been in communication with the producers from the start of this incident, and we are announcing, once again, that we will strongly respond to this senseless lawsuit.

In the future, EDAM Entertainment and its artists will work even harder to return the support and faith fans have given us with good music.

Thank you.

— EDAM Entertainment

Previously, a disgruntled citizen reported to the police that IU had plagiarized several of her songs. Since then, producers of the songs alleged to have been works of plagiarism have stepped forward to deny the allegations and have given their support to IU.

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Stay tuned for updates.

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