Elderly Man From The US Secures Special Invite From IU For Her Concert

Reaction videos FTW!

An elderly fan from the US recently received a heartwarming acknowledgment and a special concert invite from IU!

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IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

The elderly gentleman, who goes by the name “Zev” on his YouTube channel Zev Does KDrama, is an ardent fan of IU. His content is predominantly him reacting to the singer’s music videos and live performances, and he has been lovingly dubbed as the “Grandpa UAENA” by the fanbase.

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Recently, Zev even expressed his wish to see IU live at a concert but said he wasn’t sure of securing tickets since he is not used to the process.

But it looks like Grandpa UAENA’s angels were working overtime, and his reaction videos ended up reaching the singer herself. On February 21, IU took to her Instagram stories and posted a clip from his reaction video to her new song, “Shopper,” expressing her gratitude with the most heartfelt message.

Hi, Grandpa!

Your videos made me happy. I want to make you happy for a long time. I really appreciate your smile. And…I’d like to invite you to my concert in America. My office will contact you, so please come.

That outfit really suits you. 😀

Please enjoy my new album, ‘The Winning.’ Thank you so much 🐥.


Fans were immediately touched by this gesture of IU and flocked to all social media platforms to congratulate the gentleman. He posted a brief yet sweet reaction of him to the news on his channel.

EDAM Entertainment reached out to him publicly in the comment section of his video, confirming that Zev is going to get that invitation IU promised!

We will be tuned in for the day Grandpa UAENA finally gets to meet his idol!


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