6 Eliminated “Boys Planet” Trainees Will Reportedly Form A Project Group Together

They are following the path of JBJ.

Some eliminated trainees who competed on Boys Planet will reportedly be forming a group together under Jellyfish Entertainment.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, high-ranking executives in Yuehua Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment recently agreed to launch a boy group with some trainees eliminated from Zerobaseone.

Currently, six trainees are set to be part of the debut group — Wake One Entertainment’s Park Han Bin, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Mun Jung Hyun, and Park Ji Hu and Yuehua Entertainment’s Yoo Seung Eon and Ji Yun Seo. There is, however, the possibility of additional members joining the group.

The management company for the group would likely be Jellyfish Entertainment, a label under CJ ENM. They would begin their group training at the end of July and prepare for their debut later in 2023. In the past, eliminated trainees from Produce 101 Season 2 formed the group JBJ, which also reached great success.

Source: Joy News24