ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Gets Targeted By Antis At Recent Concert — Fans Call For His Protection

He was targeted by antis at their recent concert.

ENHYPEN recently held the Macau leg of their world tour, FATE, on January 27 and 28, 2024. While the tour was a success, many fans began to realize after the concerts ended, that member Heeseung had been the target of antis.

Fans found that Chinese antis had been threatening the star with malicious words. An international fan provided screenshots of the post, translating a few of the threats themselves.

| @yuci7720023/X

Another fan took to X (formerly Twitter), to post a lengthy explanation of what had happened at the concert. According to them, whenever Heeseung took the stage, antis would remain quiet, while cheering when other members stepped out. They allegedly also cursed and insulted Heeseung. They would allegedly also eye Heeseung’s fans.

| @Faye1015Faye/X

Fans also realized that antis shouted “mule” at Heeseung, referring to the animal.

From maliciously edited photos, to various insults, Heeseung was targeted through Chinese social media. Heartbroken stans who have been active on Chinese socials have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to spread the news.

A Chinese fan of Heeseung decided to speak up on the matter, urging for his protection.

They also promised that they would try their best to protect the star.

Words from a Heeseung fan. | @cheyann17663971/X

Fans are duly heartbroken, and have called for his protection.