ENHYPEN’s Jake Apologizes For Drinking Starbucks On A Recent Live Stream

He learned from his mistake.

ENHYPEN‘s Jake held a live stream on January 5, 2023. He came under fire after he was seen drinking from a Starbucks cup.

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Fans had been trying to warn him about the matter, as he quickly switched the cup out in favor for a glass one. Despite this, many were not appeased and he eventually said that he would “stop drinking,” putting the drink away.

ENGENEs were quick to call him out on his behavior.

The issue comes as the brand is part of a boycott that many have undertaken in support of Palestine. While its workers had expressed support for Palestine, Starbucks was quick to disassociate themselves from their workers, going so far as to sue them. Many customers were turned off by a company suing its workers, especially over what many consider a humanitarian cause. Starbucks has been boycotted primarily in the U.S. due to this as people feel it was not only wrong for Starbucks to sue its employees over a social media post but that the company, which has historically attempted to appear liberal and diverse compared to other companies, has taken a controversial stance rather than showing support and solidarity for the oppressed.

After many tried to warn the star about Starbucks’ influence on the conflict, Jake replied to a fan’s post on Weverse. He apologized for drinking Starbucks and even thanked fans for letting him know.

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It was heartening to see Jake learn from his mistakes and adapt a positive mindset to learning! He also approached it swiftly, almost as soon as the live stream was over. On the other hand, here are some other stars who came under fire for endorsing the drink.

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