ENHYPEN’s Jake Sends ENGENEs Into Panic As He Watches Fan Edits

His reaction was so cute!

K-Pop fans often make edits of their favorite idols, creatively editing highlights and clips of them to popular music. Yet, we would hope only our fellow fans would watch them, not the idol themself.

Well, ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans) are not safe. Apparently, Jake watches fan edits, too!

Jake | Weverse via @flowryjake/X

Recently, Jake held a live broadcast, and he surprised ENGENEs by watching fan edits of himself on TikTok. It sent the live chat into a frenzy as many ENGENEs urged him not to.

Still, Jake did it anyway. While some fan edits can be quite sexy, Jake’s reaction was so wholesome. He pointed to the screen, showing viewers, saying excitedly, “That’s me!” 


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♬ American boy – ★

While we didn’t see Jake’s screen the entire live broadcast, ENGENEs could recognize some fan edits based solely on the sound. He couldn’t help but get shy while watching these!

Jake is so cute! He even read a caption that said “golden retriever energy.”

Jake also watched a video of Ni-ki.In the clip, Ni-ki noticed an ENGENE being blinded by a light, so he stood in front of it to block it from hurting the ENGENE’s eyes. Jake couldn’t help but smile at Ni-ki’s kindness.

All these edits were nice and relatively “wholesome,” but now that we know Jake watches edits… Consider yourself warned; Jake is watching!