Here’s How TWICE’s Sana Feels About Watching ONCEs’ Fan Edits On Twitter

Could Sana have a secret stan account?

TWICE recently made their first-ever English language comeback with “The Feels,” and  ONCEs couldn’t be more thrilled. With this crossover into a new market, the group has been given different opportunities for interviews, including appearing on Vanity Fair‘s YouTube channel.

The group played TWICE Game Show, where the members would each have a turn in the hot-seat to answer a question secretly, and the other members would have to guess their answer. For Sana‘s turn, she was asked, “What is something that makes you cry?”

After some thought, Sana was ready to face her members’ guesses. Nayeon simply guessed “when you feel emotionally touched” while Jihyo gambled that it might be movies or dramas that give Sana “The Feels.”

When neither of those answers worked, Chaeyoung chimed in with “family,” but this was surprisingly not Sana’s answer. The group was stumped.

Sana then admitted that fanmade videos on Twitter are the thing most likely to make her cry.

On Twitter, our fans edit videos of us. Say, when we have a concert or when we have a shoot and they edit it all together. And they will edit it with sad music. Even when my members are near me while I watch the video, I get emotional.


Nayeon was so surprised by this answer that she clarified that it really had made her cry, to which Sana replied, “Yes, it’s made me cry.”

With all this talk of crying, Nayeon decided to lighten the mood by asking Sana if she’d ever taken a selfie of herself crying to these videos. Since Sana hadn’t done that, she requested, “Next time, take one, please.”

It’s easy to assume our favorite idols don’t see fan edits but it turns out they are just as emotionally invested in these videos as we are. To see more from TWICE’s Vanity Fair interview, check out the article below:

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