ENHYPEN’s Jay Reveals Why BTS’s Jimin Is His Fashion Inspiration

“I began to take interest because of BTS’s Jimin.”

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, ENHYPEN‘s fashion icon Jay revealed his favorite styles, trend inspiration, and more.

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Jay discussed his recent favorite fashion style, known as “rock chic.” However, it wasn’t until his fashion inspiration BTS‘s Jimin rocked the look did it inspire him to take on the trend.

Even when “rock chic” was widely popular with St. Laurent leading the trend, I had been indifferent; but I began to take interest because of BTS’s Jimin.

— Jay

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Jay changed his mind on the style when he saw how Jimin implemented the unique trend into his fashion.

Through his street fashion, I realized that Korean charm can be reflected in “rock chic.”

— Jay

Jimin is known for his edgy yet chic airport fashion that incorporates trends into his unique aesthetic.

Additionally, Jay revealed that as a lover of fashion since he was young, his passion for clothes extends beyond a superficial level.

I want to help build a culture that encourages each person to wear clothes based on his or her own thought and belief, not dismissing individuality or blindly copying some celebrity outfit, and one that does not treat people poorly for not keeping up with trends.

— Jay

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Fans can keep up with Jay’s latest outfits with his clever hashtag #Tojays_Fashion on ENHYPEN’s Twitter account.

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter
Source: Weverse Magazine


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