ENHYPEN’s Jay Impressed Everyone With His Incredible Sense Of Style In The First Episode Of “JAY-FASHION”

So when is he getting his own clothing line?

ENHYPEN‘s Jay is extremely well-versed in the art of fashion and the industry as a whole, often referred to as the group’s “fashion king” by fans. Therefore, ENGENEs everywhere were excited to see him show off his amazing styling skills in the first episode of JAY-FASHION on ENHYPEN’s official YouTube channel!


Partnering with French clothing brand AMI, Jay created unique outfits based off of three different concepts: an everyday look, a vacation look, and a business-casual look. To help him model each set, fellow member Sunghoon made an appearance.


Throughout the entirety of the video, Jay shared insightful observations about every choice he made, proving to anyone watching that he’s the real deal.

For the everyday look, he emphasized the importance of tucking in the top to the jeans as well as leaving a few buttons undone in order to create the most flattering silhouette.


Regarding the summery vacation look, he reasoned that “to avoid being overshadowed by the beach or awkwardly sticking out, wearing bright, flashy colors is important.”


When it came to the business-casual look, Jay went into detail about how choosing a wide or fitted suit can drastically change an outfit’s entire composition. He explained that a fitted suit is “a bit more formal with a slightly traditional vibe” while a wide suit is more popular among the younger generation.


And here are Jay’s finished products, each oozing with sophistication and charm!

The everyday look | ENHYPEN/YouTube
The vacation look | ENHYPEN/YouTube
The business-casual look | ENHYPEN/YouTube

While it hasn’t been confirmed when a second episode would be released, Jay concluded the video with a hopeful statement!

If ENGENEs enjoy this a lot and want more of this, we’re down to do it again anytime. Although I don’t know when, we’ll be back, so look forward to it!

— Jay

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