ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Gains Praise For Nailing The “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” Choreography

He even helped with the dance.

ENHYPEN‘s latest title track, “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC),” includes hard-hitting choreography to go along with the dynamic song. While each member suits the concept in different ways, Ni-Ki, in particular, is receiving attention for his dance moves.


According to Ni-Ki, ENHYPEN’s strength is performing. It makes them want to improve with each comeback.

Performances are our strong suit, so every time we come back with a new album we need to outdo ourselves.

— Ni-Ki

They have. Not only has ENHYPEN become the first fourth generation group to have two million-seller albums, but they also drew large crowds at their first public fansign. Their dance for  “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” exceeds expectations.

The choreography was a collaborative effort, partially done by Nick Joseph, who also co-choreographed “Drunk-Dazed.” He has also worked with BTS and TXT.

Creating interesting choreography isn’t easy, but it’s no problem for Ni-Ki. The youngest ENHYPEN member revealed that he altered the choreography during one section of the dance.

And it paid off. Ni-Ki’s moves are clean and solid.

Ni-Ki (far left) | ENHYPEN/YouTube 

Fans love the energy Ni-Ki brings to the table. He complements both the song and the rest of the group.

Dance practice comment | ENHYPEN/YouTube

He has excellent body control.

And he draws the viewer’s eyes toward him even when he’s in the back of the formation while still meshing well with the other members.

Dance practice comment | ENHYPEN/YouTube

You can check out the entire dance practice here.

Source: People