ENHYPEN’s “Bodyguard” Ni-Ki Showcases His True Personality As He Looks Out For Sunoo In The Middle Of Chaotic Airport Mob

Fans are calling for more security.

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki has had all eyes on him since the group attended the recent Prada fashion show in Milan, and now he is once again gaining attention as he shows his thoughtfulness toward his members.


ENHYPEN caused a stir in a major way as they attended Prada’s Fall Winter 23 Menswear Fashion Show. With the enormous crowds they drew, the members proved to be the main event.

ENHYPEN | @Prada/Twitter

Ni-Ki gained a lot of praise as he showed off his model-like visuals.

In fact, his charismatic appearance now has fans calling for him to be signed as a model!

But Ni-Ki was also heavily praised for his gentleman-like manners. Throughout the event, he did not hesitate to step in where he was needed, whether to translate for Japanese actor and model Kentaro Sakaguchi

…or to show his “manner hands” as he gestured at Miuccia Prada when taking a picture together.

He also melted ENGENEs’ hearts with the way he looked out for his members at the event.

Now, he is doing it again as he took care to watch out for Sunoo in the middle of an intense airport mob. ENHYPEN were warmly welcomed by fans as they arrived at Incheon Airport from their successful trip to Milan Fashion Week.

But as is often the case, the mob got a bit out of hand, leading many ENGENEs to express outrage at the lack of consideration for the members’ safety.

Fan footage showed that, in the midst of all the chaos, the security guards even lost track of Jake for a moment. Due to the pressure from the large numbers of people, Sunoo was almost completely stuck without being able to move forward. Luckily, Ni-Ki made sure Sunoo moved in front of him into the safety of their circle, where they were protected by the security guards.

ENGENEs online are now demanding that ENHYPEN’s personal space be respected more and that BELIFT LAB provide the group with more security.

While no one was hurt, fans’ concerns are far from unfounded. When ENHYPEN returned from Germany last year, the mob went to such an extent that a bodyguard ended up using force—sparking a debate among netizens.

Hopefully, ENHYPEN will not have to be in such a situation again, but at least this incident showed that Ni-Ki is always concerning himself with his members and that he will always be the most considerate person!

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ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Gains Attention For Being A Perfect Gentleman At Prada Fashion Show In Milan — And For His Stunning Model-Like Visuals


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