ENHYPEN Reveals Their Goals For 2021 And The Future

Get ready for Producer ENHYPEN!

In their latest press conference for the release of their second mini-album, BORDER : CARNIVAL, ENHYPEN revealed what they hope to accomplish in the future.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Sunoo revealed that his goal for the rest of 2021 is to win first place on various music programs…

…and even take a group selfie with his members to commemorate the moment!

Jungwon recalls how meeting fans in person for the first time at their fan meeting influenced him.

He’s hopeful to have more offline events in the future and will work hard until the day comes where he can see ENGENE again.

Heeseung also revealed one of ENHYPEN’s goals for the future.

We’ve been composing songs since we were trainees. There are members who have been writing lyrics steadily.

— Heeseung

Fans are excited to see the ENHYPEN members as producers one day!

Jay thanked fans for their success as winners of the Rookie Of The Year award and promised to continue to work hard…

…while Ni-ki expressed his love and gratitude for the vast amount of people around the world who support ENHYPEN.

Check out more news from ENHYPEN’s press conference below!

ENHYPEN Discusses How Being Able To Meet Fans In Person Influenced Their Latest Mini-Album, “BORDER : CARNIVAL”