ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Had A Surprising Answer When Choosing Which Is More Fun—Figure Skating Then Versus Now

He recently skated in front of his members.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon was an award-winning figure skater before becoming a K-Pop idol. From 2010 to 2020, he earned medals in local and international competitions.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon 

Sunghoon hung up his skates prior to joining I-LAND to focus on his new dream of becoming a singer. Two years later, he finally skated again—and in front of his members no less! Fans were treated to this scene in an episode of EN-O’CLOCK on the group’s YouTube channel.

Though it’s been roughly two years since he practiced consistently, Sunghoon was still as graceful as ever! He even showed off a few tricks that reminded everyone he’s a champion athlete.

In a Weverse Magazine interview, Sunghoon revealed that he did not practice beforehand, thus making him even happier to know that the response to his performance was positive.

That was all impromptu, so I honestly just did, you know, whatever came to mind. But the other members and the staff told me it looked really cool so I felt sort of proud.

— Sunghoon

He added, “I didn’t even show off half my tricks, but I thought it’d be nice to show off some techniques other than just skating around so I just gave it a whirl.”

When comparing figure skating then versus now, Sunghoon surprisingly said that the latter was more enjoyable. The key difference was that skating changed from seeming like a chore to a hobby.

It wasn’t like before, doing it practically every day like it’s a job. It was way more fun getting out there and enjoying myself on the skates for the first time in a long time.

— Sunghoon

Sunghoon skating prior to his debut 
Sunghoon skating after his debut  

Unlike when he was active in the competition circuit, he’s no longer pressured to win while on the ice.

To top off an already memorable experience in EN-O’CLOCK, Sunghoon was excited to be able to skate along to the music he participated part in. He concluded, “It was wild using our music as the background music.”

Check out the full episode below to see Sunghoon and the other ENHYPEN members take to the ice!

Source: Weverse Magazine