Entertainment Company Receives Criticism For Using Fanmade Event Cup Holders As An Ashtray

Fans claim it to be disrespectful.

Indie label Magic Strawberry Sound fell into hot soup recently when a fan of 10cm‘s Jungyeol had accused the company of using her fanmade event cup holders as an ashtray. The company’s building has an outside seating area where employees can smoke and enjoy a break.

The fan, @10thing_about_u was alerted to the fact that the company had used her cup holders as ashtrays for the building. The cup holders were provided as ashtrays for outside seating. The fan alleged that the company had gladly received the cup holders from her, claiming that they had been in need of more cups.

| @10thing_about_u/Twitter

However, she was shocked to hear that her precious work had been used in such a disrespectful way.

| @10thing_about_u/Twitter

The fan posted a lengthy message about the matter and tagged the company.

I had passed on a portion of the paper cups that were prepared for Jungyeol’s birthday event to Magic Strawberry Sound. They had claimed they needed cups inside the office and said they would use it well so I hoped that they would be able to use it freely. But as I received a tipoff that the cups were being used as ashtrays, I confirmed the matter through photos. Although it’s correct that I had hoped for them to use it freely, I was taken aback at the cups, which a fan and creator had made with love and time, were being used in such a way. Also, I think it is not a sign of respect to the artist, that they use the cups with the artist’s face on them as ashtrays. I’m writing this in hope that such saddening matters will not happen again. All we want is basic manners to the fans and artist. Thanks for reading the long post.

— @10thing_about_u

Many fans have expressed their disappointment about the matter. Magic Strawberry Sound has not yet released a statement.