Epik High Was Against Lee Hi Joining AOMG, Here’s Why

“I’m against AOMG.”

In light of the news that Lee Hi has officially joined AOMG, the selection process behind the massive decision is gaining overwhelming attention.

Before the big news, Lee Hi shared a vlog of herself asking her fellow artists which agency to go with.

And when Lee Hi asked Epik High‘s Tablo and DJ Tukutz, she did not get the answer she was expecting.

First Tablo suggested that she try out for an audition program again.

Why don’t you try out for an audition program?

— Tablo

And hilariously ridiculous suggestion didn’t end there.

Since it’s only us in thei company, I can’t dare to you should come here. How about you do a year in JYP, SM, and BigHit, and once you’re done that, write a book about it?

— Tablo

As for DJ Tukutz, he didn’t have any advice on where to go, but he did name an agency that Lee Hi shouldn’t sign with.

I’m against AOMG. That’d just make my stomach hurt. Why AOMG of all places?

— DJ Tukutz

He then explained why with a diss of jealousy.

DJ Pumkin is there. So I just hate that idea.

— DJ Tukutz

But with all jokes aside, many believe Lee Hi made the right decision in joining AOMG.

Fingers crossed for lots of good Lee Hi songs in the years to come!

Source: Dispatch