Epik High Reveals How The BTS Meal Was Part Of The Completion Of Their New Single

Epik High and BTS have the cutest friendship.

Epik High recently made a hot comeback with their new single “Rain Song” featuring Colde! In light of their single, the members of Epik High appeared on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time where they discussed and its creation process and how the BTS meal was a part of it!

Since the song is titled “Rainy Song,” the radio show’s host asked if he thought of delaying the song’s release if it didn’t rain. The group’s leader Tablo replied that he did put the weather into consideration when planning the song’s release date. Despite trying to schedule the song’s release on a rainy day, Tablo admitted it was all too complicated.

I thought about it. The title is one thing, but it’s not a good song to listen to if it doesn’t rain. I set a date, but the weather forecast differed for each weather channel. At first, it was reported that there would be no rain, but yesterday when I released the song, it started to rain.

— Tablo

Epik High’s “Rain Song” | @blobyblo/Twitter

Another interesting fact Tablo revealed about the song’s creation process involved BTS! Tablo surprised the host and listeners when he shared that he happened to be eating Mcdonald‘s BTS meal when he finished “Rain Song.”

This isn’t the first time Epik High has shown their love for the BTS meal. During an episode of their Naver show, Born haters, the members tried the BTS meal for the first time and captured their hilarious reactions! After the episode, Tablo took to Twitter and shared how much he enjoyed it!


BTS has also shown their love for Epik High as they gave a sweet shout-out to the group and praised “Rain Song” on their official Twitter account.