Episode 1 Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Gave Away How The Characters’ Relationships Will Develop In The Drama

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo is probably one of the most discussed K-dramas on air right now. From the show’s unique storyline to the acting chops of the cast, netizens are constantly talking about the drama on social media and forums. A recent post on a Korean blogging forum has opened up a whole new floodgate of interest for this show altogether.

The post discusses how one crucial detail in the first episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo had already hinted at what types of dynamics the characters would eventually develop in the coming episodes.

This detail in question is the revolving door at the “Hanbada” building that had Woo Young Woo confused. She couldn’t grasp how the door worked and went spinning round and round, trying to figure it out. This happened quite a few times, and how the people around her reacted to this confusion forecasted her relationship with all those characters.


The post first talks about Kwon Min Woo. When he sees Young Woo struggle with the revolving door, he simply does nothing and walks away.


Min Woo believes that Young Woo already has the upper hand everywhere, and he doesn’t need to help someone who is already stronger than him. In later episodes, his aptitude towards Young Woo grows more bitter as he clings to the idea that Young Woo is the privileged one in this dynamic.

Next comes Choi Soo Yeon. She tries to walk away like Min Woo after seeing Young Woo struggle, but her conscience makes her come back. She stops the revolving door from the outside and helps Young Woo get out.


Even though she is not someone who can accompany Young Woo in her struggles, she uses her strength and privileges to stand up to the injustices Young Woo faces, as revealed in later episodes.

Finally, the post points out that when Young Woo came to the office building for the first time and when she had to go out to investigate her first case, Lee Jun Ho was the one who helped her with the door both times. But he didn’t just hold the door for her and let her pass. Instead, he walked through that door with her side by side.

In the later episodes, Jun Ho faces and fights the prejudices that Young Woo faces while walking by her side. He is someone who is there with her during good and bad times.

Most netizens seem to agree with this interpretation and are praising the scriptwriters for coming up with such a brilliant easter egg.

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