Eric Nam Convinces Fan’s Dad To Let Her Stay At Concert Longer

Who can say “no” to Eric Nam?

Eric Nam is many things. A soloist, MC, entrepreneur, and most recently… a father.

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Currently, Eric is on his 2022 There And Back Again World Tour. Recently, he went viral after “adopting” a fan at one of the concerts.

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He even reacted to the fan’s (Sorry, his kid’s) video with his own TikTok.


#duet with @amori.cos always good to see my family and kids at my shows…. 😳 #family #ericnam #에릭남 #popmusic #concert #kpop #daddy #thereandbackagaintour

♬ omg father nam – Amori ✨

Clearly, Eric can relate to other fathers as a father himself, right? So, during his recent concert in Cleveland, Ohio, at the House of Blues, he was asked to speak to a fan’s dad, you know, father to father…

Edith: My dad is trying to make me leave earlier. Can you talk to him?

Eric Nam: Your dad is trying to make you leave early?

Edith: Yeah! Can you call him?

Edith, a fan in attendance, received a text message from her dad during Eric’s show telling her she needed to leave early. She then asked Eric to speak to her dad on the phone to convince him to let her stay.

Eric Nam: You call him, and I’ll talk to him.

Edith: Take the phone! Talk to him!

While Eric couldn’t receive anything from fans due to COVID-19 safety precautions, he agreed to speak to him via speakerphone.

Eric Nam: I can not take anything. Let me know when he answers.

Edith: He answered!

When Edith’s dad picked up, Eric began to speak to him. First, he obtained needed information like names, of course.

Eric Nam: Hi, dad, dad… What’s his name?

Edith: His name is Jesús!

Being the multilingual king he is, Eric threw in some Spanish in his appeal to Jesús, Edith’s father. We definitely can’t imagine saying “no” to Eric Nam after such a valid argument.

Jesús, your daughter is having a party, a fiesta. Edith and a thousand other people are getting wild. I don’t think she can leave right now, so please don’t ground her. I hope she can stay. Gracias.

— Eric Nam

Thankfully, Edith shared an update after. Jesús agreed to let her stay but asked her to get pictures!

Edith not only got to stay at the concert but since posting the video on TikTok, she’s gone viral. The video has 3.6 million views as of February 21, and even Eric Nam saw it!

| @111xoe/TikTok

This wouldn’t be the first time nor the last time Eric Nam has convinced a fan’s dad. In the past, he helped a fan out on Twitter. Read below:

Eric Nam Convinces Fan’s Father To Let Her Go To His Concert Via Twitter

Watch Edith’s viral video below:


My dad let me stay 💪 thank you Eric 😌 @ericnam #ericnam #kpop #fyp

♬ original sound – 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐡

Source: @111xoe

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