GOT7’s Jay B Couldn’t Hide His Excitement About His Collab With H1GHR MUSIC CEO, Jay Park

Jays supporting Jays—we love to see it!

Looks like GOT7‘s Jay B feels right at home at H1GHR MUSIC with the label’s CEO, Jay Park!

GOT7’s Jay B |

During a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jay B couldn’t stop gushing about Jay Park.

Jay Park | @jparkitrighthere/Instagram

Jay B was asked, “Where did you get your inspiration for your first solo album?”

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Jay B answered that Jay Park was his inspiration for the album!

He also revealed that he feels like he relies “on Jay a lot.” 

“Like I relied on Jinyoung when I was in the previous company, I think I rely on Jay a lot.” | ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

From the sounds of it, Jay B knows that Jay Park is always there for him and will support him as he continues to grow as an artist and explore his sound!

As the interview progressed, Jay B continued to gush about Jay Park.

Jay B was asked, “Who did you want to collaborate with when you were looking for an artist to feature in this album?”

Of course, his answer was Jay Park! “I said that Jay definitely has to do it,” he said.

Jay B elaborated by saying that he and Jay Park are both named Jaebeom, so he “thought that it would be fun if we could collaborate.” 

Jay B also shared that Jay Park “gladly agreed” to collaborate with him.

From the looks of Jay Park’s social media, it seems like the love is mutual! He’s been hyping up Jay B’s solo EP, SOMO:FUME, ever since it was announced.

Watch Jay B’s full interview below to see him talk about his new CEO and his recent solo EP!