1st-Generation Idol And “Penthouse” Actress Eugene Reveals How BTS Has Made Parenting A Lot Easier For Her

“BTS will soon catch up with Pororo.”

In the latest episode of Tiki TaCAR, 1st generation idol and thriving actress S.E.S‘s Eugene appeared as the episode’s star guest! During the episode, Eugene revealed her love for BTS and discussed how proud she was as a first-generation idol!

After she discussed the details of how she fell in love with BTS and her fascination with them, Eugene revealed she is especially grateful for their song “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey.


Eugene explained she isn’t the only one who loves BTS, her two daughters are ARMYs as well! For those who may not know, Eugene has two adorable daughters, Lorin and Rohee! Eugene shared that her two daughters love music and love to sing!

With their love for music, Eugene shared it’s something that is always able to calm her youngest daughter Lorin, specifically BTS’s “Boy With Luv.” Before singing the song herself, Eugene shared, “Actually, there’s a story to this song.”

Lorin…you know how kids get on the baby car seat, but they need time to get used to it, but you need to go to the hospital or somewhere. Whenever I put her on there, she’d throw a tantrum, but you have to put her in that seat by law, and it’s dangerous. So I turn the music on for her and she responds to this song. She becomes calm, so I infinitely repeat this song.

— Eugene

Kim Gu Ra, One of the show’s MCs, made the funny remark, “Then you must be more grateful (to BTS)” and Eugene replied, “That’s right.

MC Tak Jae Hoon also made a hilarious comment and stated, “BTS will soon catch up with Pororo.”

Check out the video below: