EVERGLOW’s Performance At A Korean Military Event Has Gotten Them Into Deep Waters With The Chinese Government

Yiren especially, could be in trouble.

Girlgroup, EVERGLOW, who is under Yuehua Entertainment, is currently facing reprimands by the Chinese government due to their participation in a Korean military event last June.

| Yuehua Entertainment

According to reports, EVERGLOW had done a consolation performance at a military consolation concert in June 2019. This is common practice amongst idols in South Korea, as many go to perform for the army men who are under compulsory conscription. However, the company, Yuehua Entertainment was punished by the Beijing Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Unit.

| Yuehua Entertainment

Yuehua Entertainment was originally a Chinese company that created a subsidiary in South Korea to launch K-Pop groups. The punishment cites an offense against a law that prohibits any performance or exhibition that harms national and personal honor, including ones that show support for foreign military. Penalties can range from warnings to fines or even suspension. If serious, the group will forfeit right to take part in foreign cultural activities or even a criminal investigation.

| Yuehua Entertainment

This would mostly affect member Yiren, as she is a Chinese national. It is unclear if the rest of the group is similarly affected due to them being Korean by nationality, even though they are under a Chinese company. No news of penalty has been publicly released. EVERGLOW has however, performed at military events in South Korea twice since debut.

Korea- China relations have been strained, resulting in the implementation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system (THAAD) previously, which saw China banning South Korean imports and performances on domestic land until further notice.

Source: Chosun