Controversial Ex-Trainee Han Seo Hee Yells Profanities At The Judge After Being Sentenced To Prison

She was reportedly dissatisfied with the ruling.

It’s been reported that on November 17, the Suwon District Court sentenced Han Seo Hee to one year and six months in prison after she was assessed as a flight risk (person likely to flee.)

Han Seo Hee at a previous drug-related trial.

The court shared reports of what Han Seo Hee had to say about her positive drug test results.

Ms. Han stated that her paper cup fell in the toilet during her urine test, which was completed at the probation office. However, there was no such evidence that indicated her sample was mixed with content from the toilet, as revealed by the National Forensic Service.

We rejected her claim that argued her urine test was mixed with someone else’s samples. There were only two other individuals who were testing at the same time as Ms. Han and they were both men.

— Suwon District Court

Han Seo Hee at a previous drug-related trial.

According to Korean news agency News1, Han Seo Hee could be heard yelling and swearing at the judge following her prison sentence. It was reported that the former idol trainee shouted “f*ck, seriously? I won’t run away! What are you doing to me judge? There is no reason to put me in prison!”

The judge responded to her outburst by explaining that she may appeal her sentencing if she was dissatisfied with the outcome. According to reports, however, Han Seo Hee continued to curse at the judge, saying “what the f*ck are you doing judge,” while getting escorted out of the courtroom.

Han Seo Hee at a previous drug-related trial.

In addition to that, it was further reported that Han Seo Hee made a scene even in the waiting room, as her voice could be heard in the courtroom. According to News1, it was also reported that she made a commotion on the prison bus during her convoy.

Previously, Han Seo Hee was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 4 years of probation after admitting to her marijuana usage. Just last year, her urine tested positive for psychotropic drugs and she was detained once again. Not too long after, the former trainee was charged with methamphetamine usage.

Source: Chosun