“EXchange 3” Contestant Deemed “A Total Piece Of Trash” For This Controversial Scene

He made his ex cry.

This scene from EXchange 3 (also known as Transit Love) has been gaining attention. The cast were all having a fun time eating and drinking. Suddenly, participant Hwihyeon gets up and says that he has some snacks in his room, to pair with the alcohol. It turned out to be rock candy that his ex had given him. On the first day, participants had secretly given their exes a present to represent their memories together. Hwihyeon used to work part-time at a handmade candy shop, so his ex Hyewon had given it to him.

Hyewon felt hurt that he had decided to share it as a snack, as it was a precious present for her

He brought out the candy I had given him. When we were dating, he had bought the candy from the store that he worked at. It was so precious to me that I had only eaten one a day back then. I couldn’t even finish it, such that even when we broke up, the remaining ones just kind of hardened up. My heart had been so hurt whenever I looked at it.

— Hyewon

Although Hwihyeon claimed that he wanted to share it with others to show off the memory he had with his ex, Hyewon was incredibly hurt by his actions. Netizens were very disappointed by him, and called him “the worst,” amongst other things.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Wow, he’s really so rude.
  • Wow, what’s up with that man…
  • It’s not even like he took it out after they got back together. He’s bringing it out as a drinking snack while wondering if he should get back or go for a rebound. How can that be accepted positively?
  • Really pathetic… He’s such a beta… He was so pathetic to me ever since he whined about how he had no money.
  • Wow, for real.
  • It’s obvious their relationship was short-lived because only the girl liked him. Hyewon is too good for him.
  • Really disgusting.
  • Gasp.
  • He was the first one to call Hyewon on the show because he had feelings for her left, but I hated how his attitude was so unclear… He’s really doing the most.
Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Really…I hated him so so so so much today…
  • He’s the absolute worse. How is sharing it as a drinking snack for everyone considered showing off a memory?
  • He’s just a total piece of trash.
  • Is there even anyone interested in him?
  • Oh, so that’s why Hyewon was crying so much in the last preview.

Hyewon was seen sobbing and wondering why he had invited her on the show.

EXchange is about past lovers who come on the show to either meet new people from the other past couples, or to get back together with their ex.

Source: theqoo