“EXchange 2” Na Yeon And Hee Doo Couple Spotted At A Recent Hockey Game

Our ship is sailing.

If you’ve not yet watched EXchange 2, you might be one of the few who has not yet succumbed to the temptation. The show is all over TikTok and YouTube shorts, with everyone obsessed over the couples. About five pairs of exes who live in a house together, the show brings together new flames and gives old ones a chance to rekindle their spark.

If you’ve not yet watched the show, be warned that there are spoilers ahead! For those that have already made it to the end and are ready to start eating up the ‘ships, you’re in luck today! It’s hockey season in South Korea, meaning that resident baby husky, Hee Doo, is in play. Hee Do ended up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, Na Yeon, at the end of the show. The pair dated for around 3 years on-and-off, before breaking up. They decided to get back together in the last episode.

Hee Doo and Na Yeon. | EXchange

Fans spotted Na Yeon being the ever-supportive girlfriend at Hee Doo’s game.

| @kyakyakya987/Twitter
| @kyakyakya987/Twitter

She waited patiently while Hee Doo signed autographs for young hockey fans.

Looks like it’s a happy ending for this couple!

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