EXID’s Hani Is Currently Studying Psychology — And The Reason Is Beyond Touching

Hani has a heart of gold.

EXID‘s Hani recently appeared on KBS‘s Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller where she opened up about her concerns in life.

Hani confessed that she’s the type to need a lot of help and that she thinks she should be more mature.

Apink’s Jung Eunji who’s on Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin with me helps me out a lot. And every time, I feel bad.

— Hani

So as a personal goal of hers, Hani revealed that she’s studying through the academic credit system.

I’m currently studying psychology through the credit system.

— Hani

And the reason she’s investing time out of her busy schedule to study psychology is beyond touching.

I’m studying so that I can give good advice to my ‘hoobaes’ in the entertainment industry.

— Hani

While her plans aren’t definitive, Hani has taken the first step by studying.

But as most fans are probably thinking, the hosts expressed that Hani’s happiness comes first.

If you seem to have a lot of worries, would your advice be effective?

— Seo Jang Hoon

Nevertheless, Hani’s wish to help others in the industry just goes to show that she has the biggest heart.

Watch the full revelation below:

Source: Insight