EXID’s Hani Chose To Rent A Small Studio Apartment — Here’s Why She Didn’t Go Bigger

It was her choice.

EXID‘s Hani recently shared her daily life with viewers of tvN‘s On & Off.

It was revealed through the show that she rents a small studio apartment that’s under 400 square feet.

Hani explained on the show that the reason she chose to live there was because she wanted to move into a place that was fully furnished as soon as she moved away from family.

She also shared why she moved out in the first place.

I wanted to be free of the restrictions in my family’s house. I always felt like I had to work hard at home.

— Hani


According to Hani, she didn’t have much to bring when she first moved in.

I came with two backpacks. This house had most everything I needed.

— Hani

Hani debuted with EXID back in 2012 and skyrocketed to fame through “UP & DOWN”.

| EXIDOfficial/Facebook

She’s now successfully carrying out her acting career in various dramas and films, but her choice to keep her life minimal is drawing lots of interest and support from fans.

Check out Hani’s pad in the clip below:

Source: Insight