EXID’s Solji Shares Some Advice With Brave Girls As Someone Who Experienced Viral Popularity

She’s looking out for her fellow girl group.

Brave Girls is getting advice from someone who has gone through it all before.

EXID member, Solji | @sol.g_heo/Instagram

EXID member Solji recently made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show where she talked about Brave Girls and their recent viral success.

| SBS Power FM

I was reminded of my group’s past viral success. ‘What is going on’ is all I could think about at the time and I think Brave Girls is going through the same thing. You have to take advantage of the now.

— Solji

The EXID member further shared with her fellow viral girl group members that health is the most important thing to take care of during the crazy times.

You have to put your health first. When you go from having little work to a lot of work, your health condition can fall rapidly. In order to have good performances, you have to keep up with your body’s health.

— Solji

Previously, Solji experienced a similar sudden popularity when her fellow EXID member, Hani went viral for her “Up & Down” fancam. After the fancam went viral, EXID went on to win several first place trophies for their song months after its release.

Hani from viral “Up & Down” fancam | YouTube

EXID went on to see consistent popularity, appearing on numerous shows and promoting regularly well after their viral success. However, in the midst of their busy schedules, Solji’s health took a big toll and she eventually underwent hyperthyroid surgery. The EXID member went on hiatuses from her group’s promotions due to the pain from her condition.

Brave Girls recently went viral for their song, “Rollin” 4 years after its original release. Since then, they have been busy with music show and variety program appearances. The girl group also snagged their first music show win with their sudden surge in popularity.

Having gone through a very similar experience as the Brave Girls members, Solji’s wise advice may hit home a little more than others.

Source: WikiTree, Twitter and Top Star News