Big Planet Made Releases Official Statement In Response To SM Entertainment’s Accusations Of Trying To Poach EXO-CBX

“We are here to tell you the truth…”

EXO‘s Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin have been embroiled in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment after they announced that they have filed a lawsuit to terminate their contracts with the company. SM Entertainment accused another company Big Planet Made, of trying to poach the members.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, SM Entertainment recently sent a certified notice to  Big Planet Made, where MC Mong was reported to be an internal director. The certified notice was sent because SM Entertainment found circumstantial evidence that Big Planet Made officials were approaching the three EXO members and trying to get them to sign with their company. They also accused MC Mong of meeting with the members.

EXO-CBX | SM Entertainment

While it was previously briefly stated to the media that MC Mong only met the three as friends, Big Planet Made has since stepped up with an official statement.

Hello. This is Big Planet Made. We are here to tell you the truth that is different from the press content about our company released today (June 1).

Firstly, Big Planet Made has never met the artists that were mentioned, and we have never exchanged any opinion or discussion about exclusive contracts.

Secondly, MC Mong (Shin Dong Hyun) is not our company’s internal director currently; neither is he concerned with any position, job, or operations of our company.

Third, it is true that we have received a certification of contents (a demands letter) under the name of SM Entertainment’s CEO. Whatever their intentions are for linking our unrelated company to their internal contract situations, we express our regret regarding it and will take strong legal action should their claims continue.

— Big Planet Made

Read more about the lawsuit below.

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Source: OSEN

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