Could EXO Chanyeol’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Get Sued For Her Exposé? Here’s What The Korean Law Says

Could this be a case of defamation?

Following EXO Chanyeol‘s alleged “three years of cheating” scandal, a South Korean press Lawtalk News claimed, “The said ex-girlfriend who exposed him could face a lawsuit” — if Chanyeol decided to press charges.

EXO’s Chayeol | @real__pcy/Instagram

The since-deleted post called out Chanyeol for “sleeping around with a variety of girl group members, YouTubers, broadcast DJs, dancers, flight attendants, and more“.

Photos shared by the alleged ex-girlfriend as “evidence” of their romantic relationship. | Nate Pann

By Korean law, the ex-girlfriend could be sued for taking this online and making it public — regardless of whether her exposé is true or not.

If the post is not true, she would obviously be pressed for defamation. But, even if the post is true, she can still be held accountable. As per the South Korean Information and Communication Network Act, a person can press charges for defamation, even if everything shared is factual.

— Lawtalk News

The only case an exposé cannot be charged for defamation is if it is done for the best of everyone’s interest — in favor of the general public. For the case of Chanyeol’s alleged ex-girlfriend exposing his love life, however, it is more likely an act of revenge — and hence punishable by law. 

The ex-girlfriend wrote, “The world needs to know how evil of a person Chanyeol is.” This goes wildly against the idea of exposing for the best of everyone’s interest. It is more so an act of revenge. In which case, this surely falls within the boundary of defamation.

— Lawtalk News

And though the alleged ex-girlfriend didn’t directly mention EXO Chanyeol’s name, by using initials like “CY“, “Chanxxxx“, and “xxxxyeol“, Chanyeol can still press charges for defamation. A preceding 2018 case has ruled, “If a name can be drawn from the suggestive initials and context, then it becomes a valid attempt of defamation.

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In addition, the alleged ex-girlfriend also “insults” Chanyeol for “being dirty“. Such “degrading remarks” can add to the list of charges punishable by law.

More photos shared by the alleged ex-girlfriend as “evidence” of their romantic relationship. | Nate Pann

Should Chanyeol proceed to take his alleged ex-girlfriend to court, she will most likely be found guilty — again, regardless of whether her exposé is true or not. Should the exposé prove to be true, the said ex-girlfriend could face up to three years in prison or ₩30 million KRW ($26,548 USD) in fines. If untrue, she could be sentenced up to seven years in prison or ₩50 million KRW ($44,243 USD) in fines.

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Hence, can Chanyeol seek legal battle? Yes. Will he though? That seems unlikely. In a brief and unswayed response to the scandal, SM Entertainment commented that there is “no official stance towards the post in question.”

Following the agency statement, however, another said-to-be “Chanyeol’s acquaintance” surfaced. She is claiming Chanyeol has been “calling up people to make sure they keep their mouths shut first.” Read more about it here:

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Source: Lawtalk News