EXO’s New Unit With Chanyeol And Sehun Will Release Triple Title Tracks For Their Upcoming Album

EXO month just keeps getting better and better!

With EXO‘s new Chanyeol and Sehun unit gearing up for their debut on July 22, fans just got another surprise from EXO-SC and it’s making everyone even more excited for their big day!


A few weeks ago, information about Chanyeol and Sehun’s upcoming mini-album was revealed including the date it would drop, the album’s name, and how many tracks would be on the album.


But further information has been revealed including information about what kind of music fans can expect from the duo! Their first mini-album, “What a Life”, will feature a unique hip-hop genre that will showcase a different side of Chanyeol and Sehun.


Additionally, it was revealed that EXO-SC will be presenting triple title tracks that showcase their talents. These titles will include the tracks “What A Life”, “Closer To You”, and “Just Us 2”.


Furthermore, their album was produced by Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Devine Channel making fans even more excited.


Although no one is certain what the triple title tracks will mean for their promotions or whether or not this means fans will get to see more than one music video, there is one thing that is certain and that’s the fact that EXO-SC’s debut is going to be amazing!

Source: xsportsnews