EXO’s Chanyeol Trends On Twitter With Numerous Hashtags Condemning His Silence

Netizens are fed up.

EXO member Chanyeol is trending all over Twitter.

Chanyeol has been trending number 1 on Twitter and it’s not because of good reasons. The EXO member was previously embroiled in a cheating controversy after an alleged ex-girlfriend came forward with her story. She stated that the idol member had cheated on her during their 3 year relationship and uploaded supposed photos of the two as proof online. Whether the allegations were true or not, the photos and her accusation quickly spread like wildfire.

Photo of Chanyeol and alleged ex-girlfriend | Nate Pann

While these allegations happened back in October of 2020, Chanyeol has yet to speak up on behalf of his scandal. SM Entertainment released a short statement on behalf of their artist, but nothing has been said by the EXO member himself. Due to his 4 month long silence, netizens have stepped up asking Chanyeol to speak up about his controversy. Hashtags #parkchanyeol_no_more_silence and #parkchanyeol_come_out_and_talk have been trending all over Twitter in South Korea.

| Twitter

Korean netizens have been quick to use the hashtags to discuss how they feel about Chanyeol’s silence and the overall situation. Here is what they had to say.

| Twitter
  • “The small amount of positive feelings that I have towards him is disappearing. Seriously, try to explain yourself. If it’s true, just apologize.”
  • “Chanyeol-ah either leave the group or go to mandatory military service. I’m embarrassed for you.”
  • “Until when are you going to keep hiding behind your members’ backs?”
  • “In my opinion, he should stop his promotions.”
| Dispatch

Dating as an idol is already seen as a controversy on its own, but when cheating is involved the issue becomes undeniably bigger. His alleged ex-girlfriend shocked the nation with her accusations as they pointed negative fingers towards a member of one of South Korea’s hottest boy groups. To add onto the shock, his alleged ex-girlfriend shared with online community users that the EXO member had not only cheated on her once, but numerous times with numerous different women.

While nothing has been confirmed nor denied, Chanyeol’s silence is proving to be unhelpful as the backlash continues even months later.

Source: WikiTree and YouTube


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