EXO’s Chen Uploads A New Video On YouTube For The First Time In 6 Months

It’s his first update in 2020.

EXO‘s Chen has always gifted his fans with special covers of some of his favorite songs through his personal YouTube channel. He had updated it with new videos frequently until he went on a brief hiatus since his last video back in December.

But he’s returned once again to bless all the ears and hearts of EXO-Ls with a brand new cover! He performed his own rendition of Park Hyo Shin’s famous ballad, “Breath”.

Chen’s clear and soothing voice once again enraptured his viewers as the video quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and likes all within a couple of hours!

Needless to say, EXO-Ls had missed him a whole lot!

Chen has been laying low with his promotions ever since he announced his news of marriage and his first child. While many of his true fans were celebrating the news, others have highly criticized him for finding love.

Chen has only been making small public appearances here and there, mainly to support his members, but hopefully this video means that Chen will be back in full force to promote as a musician soon!

Dear Chen, please keep the updates coming!