EXO’s Chen Personally Confirms Upcoming Military Enlistment

Serve well, Chen.

EXO‘s Chen has personally announced his upcoming military enlistment, which will be on October 26.

Chen announced in a letter to EXO-L his upcoming enlistment, promising to return healthy.

Hello, this is Chen.

Are you all doing well these days, as the temperature range changes a lot every day? The heat of the summer has passed, and it’s already autumn now.

The reason why I am writing to you all today is because I wanted to tell you all about my enlistment on October 26.

I am going to do my best to show everyone a better image of myself when I return from my military service, so I hope everyone stays beautiful and healthy. I will also return healthy in both the mind and body.

I am always thankful, and love you all.

— Chen

Back in January, Chen dropped the surprise news that he would be getting married and had a baby on the way. While most EXO-L congratulated him on the news and the new chapter of his life, some Akgaes and Anti-fans tried to use his marriage against him.

Source: Sports Donga


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