EXO Confirms Their Comeback Date And Korean Netizens Couldn’t Be Happier For Them

Everyone is in full support.

EXO’s long awaited comeback has finally been confirmed. The boys will be making a comeback on July 10, 2023. According to an industry insider, the date for release has been confirmed and finishing touches are being placed on the album at the moment.

This will be EXO’s first comeback apart from special albums. Their last album was OBSESSION in 2019, making this a whole three years and eight months coming.

The boys have been preparing for the album since the start of 2023. Although fans have been in a difficult state of mind since the feud between EXO-CBX and SM Entertainment, the news is a welcome one. Everyone is fully supporting this comeback.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • It’s so great to hear. I thought they wouldn’t be able to release one. I hope they promote for a long time as the fans were hurt.
  • It’s such a pity Kai isn’t there.
  • They must’ve filmed variety shows too. I just want to enjoy this.
  • I can’t wait.
  • If only the members didn’t face that obstacle. Anyway, seems like it’s finally coming out.
  • Whatever it is. It’s so good that they’re coming back. I gotta enjoy this.
  • Anyway it’s so sure that the members have a great will to promote so you don’t need to worry on our behalf. The members have no problems amongst themselves and there’s no problem with promotions too. For those that just wanted to start a fight, there’s no need to. I’m already so excited over the comeback. I can’t wait for the song and performance.
  • Anyway since they already confirmed the reality show and comeback, any issues will probably come up only after the promotions.
  • Wow!

After nearly four years of drought, fans are highly excited for this comeback!

Source: theqoo