Do Idols Get Control Over Their Concepts? EXO’s Kai Spills The Tea

“…that’s when I pretend that it’s the company’s work.”

Fans often think that idols don’t get a say in their own work. From styling to concept to music, it is often the impression that idols are 100% produced by their companies. Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany once revealed in an interview that the girls did not get a say in their outfits.

Do Idols Get A Say In Their Outfits? Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Reveals All

This was surprising to many as some idols shared with fans that they had a hand in styling. SHINee‘s Key helped design these stage outfits.

EXO‘s Kai recently came back with “Rover.” The masterpiece showcased his more rugged side, which fans loved.

Of course, you can’t satisfy everyone all the time. There are times when fans aren’t pleased with the output. Often, fans will blame it on the company and protest about the stylists. Just how much say do idols get in their releases? In a GQ interview, Kai shared that the output is often the result of rounds of meetings amongst the entire team, including him.

The visual direction and outfits are decided at the end of a few meetings and considerations. Of course, my opinion is the most important, as it’s my solo album. It’s my opinion but when fans don’t like it, that’s when I pretend that it’s the company’s work. I never tell the fans, and just let it go. When they’re like, “Jongin-ah, this is so-so…” I respond like, “Right?” [laughs]

— Kai

More often than not, idols are given some creative direction and leeway after they have established a career. Check out the rest of Kai’s interview below.