EXO’s Kai and D.O. Are The Perfect Mix Of Sweet And Savage As They Compete In The Kitchen

Amidst the endless teasing are some super sweet moments.

In EXO Kai‘s recent vlog update, EXO-Ls got to see what went on behind the scenes during D.O. (also known as Kyungsoo) and Kai’s cooking competition for EXO-L Japan’s Official Book PLANET #16. Their sweet and savage interactions with each other lit up the set, and every moment was full of joy and laughter.

Everyone knows that Kyungsoo is a fantastic chef, so it’s no surprise that while Kai was still working on his dish, Kyungsoo had already finished.

Kai (left), D.O. (right) | 카이 KAI/YouTube

Laughing off D.O.’s teasing remarks, Kai’s sweet nature shone through as he told D.O. that he would only make D.O.’s portion.

It’s only for you. I won’t eat. I like to give. I like to help.

— Kai

While it’s clear to everyone that Kai’s the kind of person to spoil his loved ones, there might be one more reason he’s only cooking for D.O., and it’s proof of his playful side. When Kyungsoo asked if Kai had tasted his dish, Kai sheepishly admitted he hadn’t before trying some, only to instantly regret it.

In his defense, he followed the recipe strictly, so the lack of seasoning wasn’t his fault. But in his attempts to save his dish, Kai went a little too far, adding way more salt than necessary.

Knowing that the taste of his dish would be less desirable than D.O’s, Kai appealed to the staff who would judge their dishes through the dish’s visuals. Although Kyungsoo couldn’t hold back his teasing at Kai’s adorable insistence that his food was more appealing because of the many colors, he also followed up with sweet words, saying that Kai’s dish would definitely taste good.

As a final attempt to appeal to the staff’s hearts, Kai explained that he put his whole heart into the dish and then joked that D.O.’s didn’t put as much love because he finished too fast.

Kai also argued that Kyungsoo’s dish used a lot of seasoning, while his dish used very little, thus being very pure and natural. Kai’s cute competitiveness only filled Kyungsoo with joy, and all EXO-Ls watching can’t help but melt over their friendship dynamic.

When the scoring came out, Kai’s efforts and love helped him earn a 9/10. His dish tasted way better than expected, and his colorful plating won over the judges as planned.

However, like the result of any cooking competition between the EXO members, D.O. won with a full 10/10. It’s no surprise, given his cooking prowess, but the joy on D.O.’s face is worth watching any one-sided cooking match between the members over and over again.

D.O.’s mischievous side couldn’t help but take over when he received his prize, and it’s a side of him EXO-Ls can never get enough of (Kai, on the other hand. might be a little done with it).

50% sweet, 50% savage, and 100% adorable, Kai and D.O.’s interactions brighten up everyone’s day.