EXO’s Kai Opens Up About His Mom And Sister In Recent Interview

He made a rare comment about his family.

EXO‘s Kai sat down for an interview for his recent cover for ELLE KOREA magazine. There, he opened up about his recent work with Gucci as the first Korean global ambassador for the legendary fashion brand.

He opened up about his tremendous success, while being humble about why he was chosen out of all the possible candidates in the world.

I think it’s because they looked at everyone’s individual characters while disregarding their cultural background.

Since the filming environment was different, I was nervous. It felt like I was back to my debut days.

— Kai

Kai may have achieved so much in his life as people all around the world set him up as their role model. So everyone wants to know who is his role model?

Kai revealed that he learns from the best – his older sister and mom! The women in his family are his mentors in life.

I learn a lot while observing my older sister and my mom’s lives. My family is my life mentors.

— Kai

Ever the legendary king, Kai continues to break boundaries in the world and it all stems from his love for his family! Kai is already a famous uncle who is totally in love with his niece and nephew, and now he’s proven that he learned it all from his sister and mom!

Kai’s full feature on ELLE KOREA magazine will drop soon for their April issue!

Source: Osen