EXO’s Kai Never Removes The Tags From His Clothes — Here’s The Reason Why

He also fact-checked some rumors about his habit!

EXO‘s Kai is known for not removing the tags off of his clothes even when he wears them! It’s caught fans’ eyes and even become a topic of discussion, with rumors flying about why he would keep the tags on. In a recent interview, Kai explained it all and fact-checked those rumors!

EXO’s Kai is the Global Ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week. | @zkdlin/Instagram

As the ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week, Kai sat down with tvND to talk about what fashion means to him and his experience as a muse. They asked him about his habit of keeping his tags on and Kai said that tons of people have asked about it!

| MBC  

Some of the rumors have been that he plans to sell the items secondhand, or “scam” and say it’s brand-new while selling it, or even that he doesn’t wash his clothes!

[The rumors are] so not true. I do wash my clothes, of course. I put the tag on again and I keep them well. This is my habit that’s really bothersome but I used to do this because I wanted to take care of my clothes — but then it continued to today.

— Kai

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Though Kai likes to keep the tag for his clothes, he does take the tags off of his shoes!

I met a friend recently and he asked me, ‘Do you not take off the tags on your shoes?’ I told him that I just forgot to take it off so yes, I do take off the tags on my shoes.

— Kai

| tvND STUDIO/YouTube 

Check out the full interview below to hear more about Kai’s thoughts on Seoul, fashion, and his own style.

Source: YouTube and Instagram