EXO’s Kai Reacts To Being Called “A God”

He responded to public comments on the show.

On an episode of Look Me Up, a show where celebrities react to public comments on their online profiles and content, EXO‘s Kai guested to promote his new solo. His candid reactions brought about much laughter to the studio!

| SM Entertainment

When reading out a comment that predicted his success with “I can assure you, these kids will really hit it big and succeed” Kai realized that it was written in 2012. As EXO hit celebrity stratosphere in 2013 with “Growl”, it looks like the comment was prophetic after all. However, he also realized it was written on 11.11 (11 November), also known as Pepero Day in Korea.

Pepero Day is a day for couples usually! He then made a savage comment – “this person spent Pepero Day writing comments instead of going on a date.” Ouch.

In response to a comment that read “Kai is a God“, he had the most humbling reaction.

Kai very touchingly responded that he “does not like when idols are placed on a pedestal and deified.

However, he continued, “I know that this is something fans started so it became sort of a meme, and it is the result of many people showing me a lot of love,” expressing his gratitude for his fans regardless! What a wise and caring man!

Kai is back with his first ever solo album, with the title track “Mmmh”. Catch his appearance on Look Me Up below.