EXO’s Kai Thinks He May Have Just Found KWANGYA

KWANGYA doesn’t look so scary after all 😂

KWANGYA, SM Entertainment’s fictional alternate dimension, has been confusing fans since it was first introduced, but it seems like EXO‘s Kai may have just figured it all out!

EXO’s Kai | @kimjipics/Twitter

KWANGYA is the alternate dimension where Black Mamba, the villain of the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), lives. This alternate reality has been referenced in many songs, like aespa‘s “Black Mamba,” NCT U‘s “90’s Love,” and EXO’s “Don’t Fight the Feeling.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Ever since its first mention, KWANGYA has been confusing K-Pop fans and SM Entertainment artists alike. Luckily for Kai, however, he’s solved the mystery of KWANGYA!

| EXO/YouTube 

Kai just released the first episode of his new series, KAIst, on EXO’s official YouTube channel. In this episode, he played random draw games prepared by SM Entertainment’s staff to decide his outfit, method of transportation, activities, and meals for the day.

Kai had to choose a drink from a cafe on the seventh floor of SM Entertainment’s building as part of the random draw fun. He had never been to the seventh floor before, so the experience was totally new to him. When he stepped off the elevator on the seventh floor, Kai found himself in a huge, luxurious meeting room with a gorgeous view of Seoul Forest, a massive park.

As soon as he stepped into the meeting room, Kai wondered if he had found himself in KWANGYA! He said, “SM talks about KWANGYA a lot. Did it all mean come here and drink coffee?”  

Kai’s witty reference to KWANGYA may be due to the fact that kwangya is the Korean word for wilderness and that the meeting room looks out over Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest | The Seoul Guide

One thing’s for sure: Kai’s version of KWANGYA looks super luxurious, and we wouldn’t mind visiting it!

Check out the full episode of KAIst below.