EXO’s Lay Delivers Heartbreaking News About His Grandmother, Performs Tribute In Her Honor

His upcoming release “Grandmother” is also dedicated to her:

EXO‘s Lay has left everyone feeling incredibly emotional after opening up about his grandmother’s passing and giving a special tribute to her during his Grandline concert.


During Lay’s final Grandline concert in Shenzhen, Lay gave a special performance of his currently unreleased song “Grandmother”. While fans already knew this song was dedicated to his grandmother when he first dropped the teaser a few days ago, they didn’t realize just how special this song was until the concert.


While performing, Lay had everyone tearing up as clips played on-screen including moments showing his strong bond with his grandma. As Lay has always been close to her, fans were feeling very emotional as they watched the clips and heard Lay’s song.


But the most heartbreaking moment of all was during Lay’s ending ment. During his ment, Lay revealed that his grandmother had always wanted to come to his concerts but never got the chance.

I wanted to tell you guys, my grandma really wanted to come and see my concert but there she didn’t get to. This stage is for my grandma, I hope she can see it.

My grandmother always taught me, everything happens for the best and to let nature take its course. She said that I must always persevere, work hard, and that good people will always live a peaceful life. Thank you, guys. Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

— Lay


Hearing his words, fans’ hearts were breaking as they realized what Lay was saying about his grandma. Later, Lay Zhang Studios updated their Weibo confirming the heartbreaking news of her passing over the summer.


Fans, meanwhile, have been sending lots of their love and support to Lay and his family while expressing their sorrow over the news as well.


May she rest in peace.