EXO’s Sehun Is The Cute And Charming Prince Of Dior As Everyone Falls In Love With Him At The Dior Men’s 2022 Winter Collection Event

There’s a reason why he’s Dior’s global ambassador.

EXO‘s Sehun is the global ambassador for Dior, and his appearance at the Dior Men’s 2022 Winter Collection Event proved that everyone is in love with him, whether it be Dior itself, the reporters, or EXO-Ls.

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Sehun arrived at the Dior pop-up store decked out in one of the latest looks from Dior’s 2022 Menswear Winter Collection, but his outfit held much more significance than just being of the newest line. The “Bar” jacket is the eternal emblem for Dior, created by the founder in 1947, and for the 2022 Winter Collection, designer Kim Jones reimagined the jacket for men. With so much history and creativity packed into the look, it only makes sense for Dior’s global ambassador to wear it.

On top of wearing such a symbolic outfit, Dior gifted Sehun a pair of B101 sneakers, which haven’t even been released to the public yet. This isn’t the first pair of sneakers Sehun’s received before its official release, and it’s a clear sign of Dior’s affection and appreciation for Sehun as their ambassador.

While Dior cherishes Sehun as their prince, the public dotes on him, gushing over his every action.

Despite it being a fashion event, reporters didn’t hesitate to ask Sehun for heart poses, turning their official press coverage into a mini fanmeet.

And when they coaxed Sehun into doing the cheek heart pose, every camera from various news outlets competed to capture Sehun’s adorable appearance.

After capturing Sehun’s cute and chic charm, the reporters didn’t hesitate to announce their love for him through their articles.

If there’s one article title that should remain legendary forever, it’s this one:

EXO’s Sehun, ‘His birth is a myth, his face is a masterpiece, his personality is a fairytale, his life is a movie.

— Kim Na Yoon

Of course, EXO-Ls can’t miss out on the party of loving Sehun. When a video captured Sehun cutely pouting while inside the pop-up store, fans couldn’t help but melt.

Sehun’s baby chick agenda was also strengthened, thanks to his adorable habit of gently curling his hands into fists as he walks.

Because he’s a prince who is equal parts charming and cute, everyone is looking forward to what Dior event Sehun will attend next.

Source: entermedia