Netizens Are Shocked To Learn The Extent EXO Sehun’s “Rumored Girlfriend” Allegedly Went To Fake Their Relationship

Sehun and SM Entertainment have confirmed the rumors are false!

After both EXO‘s Sehun and SM Entertainment responded to allegations the idol had a girlfriend who was pregnant, netizens have allegedly found evidence of the woman’s social media activity showing the extend she went to fake the relationship.

EXO’s Sehun | @oohsehun/Instagram

On March 27, a media outlet reported that the idol was swirled up in rumors alleging that his alleged girlfriend was pregnant and that he was spotted at an OB-GYN clinic.

SM Entertainment responded to the allegations on March 27. In a statement, SM Entertainment emphatically denied the rumors as defamation and vowed to take legal action.

The rumors that are being spread online about Sehun are baseless misinformation, and spreading the rumors maliciously is a crime. Although the post has been deleted, we are monitoring the original author and those who spread the rumors and will take legal action.

— SM Entertainment

EXO’s Sehun Is Swirled Up In Pregnancy Rumors — SM Entertainment Responds

Sehun also shared his own stance on the issue on the SM Entertainment platform DearU.

I’m really angry at how this situation was created when I was staying still but I wanted to tell you guys to not have even just a misunderstanding~

— EXO’s Sehun

EXO’s Sehun Surprises Fans With Response To Recent Pregnancy Rumors

Yet, aside from some pictures, Sehun shocked fans more after revealing on Instagram that the woman who had started the rumors had been pretending to be his girlfriend and was using social media to make it look like they were dating.

As my fans will know, ever since a couple of years ago, there has been a woman who has been pretending to be my girlfriend. (The woman) uploads posts to her social media accounts to make it seem like we are dating. I have known this because I have been told of her, but because she isn’t someone I know, I just let it slide, and because of that, the situation has come to this.

— @oosehun/Instagram

EXO’s Sehun Calls Out His Rumored “Girlfriend” For Leading Fans On — Threatens Legal Action

On a Korean forum, netizens allegedly found evidence of the user that Sehun was alluding to in his Instagram post. It showed the lengths the woman allegedly went to in order to prove their fake relationship.

In the first shots, the OP explained that the woman was trying to seem like she was wearing his accessories, adding, “She acted like she was wearing Sehun’s watch.”

Sehun originally wearing the watch | theqoo
The posts where the woman was pretending to wear Sehun’s watch | theqoo

The next photos were of the woman in a car, and the OP revealed that she was “acting like she rode in Sehun’s car,” pointing out that the vehicle she was in was different from Sehun’s.

The images of what was allegedly Sehun’s car | theqoo

Sehun in his car, as posted on Instagram | theqooThe final photos came from the Louis Vuitton show Sehun attended, where the woman claimed she attended the event with the EXO member.

Yet, it was revealed that the photos were actually taken from another account, and it was from the editor-in-chief of a magazine who was attending.

She acted like she went with Sehun when he was invited to Louis Vuitton’s fashion show, but it was later revealed that she stole the pictures from another account.

— OP

The actual source of the pictures | theqoo

One photo on the forum actually revealed that during Sehun’s trip to Egypt, she went there and tried to make it seem like they were there together.

The post explained, “She followed Sehun’s schedule to Qatar and Cairo and booked a hotel and made it seem like she was with someone else…” along with how she would find ways to make it seem like they were dating.

| theqoo

She didn’t know Sehun’s schedule in Egypt so she went into any hotel and took a picture of two cups of coffee. But not long after, (Sehun’s) hair designer and erl designer confirmed Sehun was filming at the Pyramid hotel, so she (the fake girlfriend) deleted her Instagram story. And Sehun didn’t stay at that hotel.And if that failed she would delete her story and then upload a different hotel and so fans were on to her.

— OP

When the images were shared, Korean netizens couldn’t believe the lengths the user allegedly went to in order to create the image that she was dating Sehun.

| theqoo
  • “Why bother doing all of that?!”
  • “This is a disease.”
  • “She’s so diligently psychotic, get your mind right!”
  • “Wow, She did that for years?”
  • “Sigh, what’s wrong with her?”
  • “I’m so taken aback.”
  • “Seeing her watch and car, it seems like she’s rich. Why is she living like that?”

While it is not confirmed that the activity is from the woman who started the rumors with Sehun, many believe they went to huge lengths to create a persona that was seemingly dating the idol.

Source: theqoo and wikitree