EXO’s Suho Dons A Unique Trickeye Coat That Is “Only Meant For Celebrities”

Here’s how it works.

EXO’s Suho recently turned heads at the airport. While his beauty was on display as usual, it wasn’t the main event of the day.

He was spotted with a camel-colored wool coat layered over jeans and a sweater.

On first glance, it’s just a normal coat…

…but it hides a fun secret. When flash is turned on, invisible threads reflect the light to create a unique checkered pattern.

The pattern can only be seen in photos, when there is a strong source of light.

Due to the nature of the coat, netizens called it “a coat that only celebrities can wear,” given that the pattern would not see the light of day otherwise. After all, celebrities are under the spotlight 24/7!

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Wow, this is fascinating, but it’s so cute thinking about how he would’ve worn it being like “people would be surprised right?
  • Gasp… How fascinating!
  • ???? *surprise*
  • Wow, so fascinating.
  • His face is daebak.
  • I thought that the fansite masters worked hard to remove the pattern LOL.
  • Fascinating. But his visuals are no joke.
  • Wow, but what’s up with his skin.
  • Fascinating.

We’ve never seen a coat like that before!

Source: Theqoo