EXO’s D.O. to sing OST track for upcoming movie, “Hyung”

EXO-Ls can have something extra to look forward to with Hyung as D.O. will be releasing for the OST track specially for the upcoming film!

In addition to singing for Hyung, D.O. will also play the role of an aspiring Judo athlete and younger brother of the main lead in the movie. The movie is a con man named Doo Sik (played by Jo Jung Suk) who abruptly moves back in with his younger brother (D.O.) after 15 years of being on probation. As they live together, all sorts of drama and challenges unfold between them which both brings them together or sets them even more apart from each other.

EXO’s D.O. and Jo Jung Suk at the Hyung after-party.

 EXO‘s D.O. is no stranger to the acting world, as he played numerous roles in dramas and movies, such as EXO Next Door, It’s Okay That’s Love, I Remember You as well as Cart and Pure Love. He also has two upcoming movies he will play a role in, Underdog and With God. The SM Entertainment singer and actor has also sung for the movie, Cart with the song titled, “Crying Out.”

Hyung is set to be released in November.

EXO’s Kyungsoo with “Hyung” staff and fellow cast ❙ © kyojusk

Source: OSEN