EXO’s Lay shows he would rather starve than dishonor his contract

Contract termination has been a hot topic for EXO and SM Entertainment since the departure of Wu Yifan (Kris) and Luhan. Recently, a staff member who has worked close to Lay revealed a story of him going to the extreme to honor his contract.

In an interview for the April 13th issue of Chinese magazine SM Weekly, a staff member revealed what is dubbed as the “Kentucky Fried Chicken Incident.” KFC is one of the many brands that EXO endorses. The staff revealed, “There is one time when Lay and his mom were at the airport, and he was starving as he didn’t eat all day. The airport only had McDonald’s, not KFC. His mom offered to buy him McDonald’s, but he rejected the offer saying, ‘I have an endorsement deal with KFC, I have to honor it.’

The staff continued, “His mom went crazy and questioned his decision given that he was starving. Lay responded that he can’t eat it because he is an artist with a contract. He also said his mom shouldn’t eat it either since she is the mom of an artist with a contract.” The incident shows that Lay is a man of his words and will do anything to keep his promises.

In the same interview, Lay also revealed how he reacted to his fellow members asking him whether he will also leave upon the departure of Wu Yifan and Luhan.

Source: Weibo