Lay reveals EXO members asked if he would leave the group after departure of Kris and Luhan

In an interview published on April 13th with Chinese magazine SM Weekly, Lay discussed his life as a member of EXO, revealing what happened to the group after the departure of Wu Yifan (Kris) and Luhan.

In particular, Lay revealed that, upon the departure of Wu Yifan and Luhan from EXO, other members of the group asked him, “Hyung, will you be leaving us too?” multiple times.

However, the truth is, being an emotional person, Lay cried a lot at that time. He said, “A lot of the members are younger than me. I think I have the responsibility to keep the group together. I will not leave.

Lay also revealed that the idea of having a personal studio in China actually came up in February 2014, prior to the departure of Wu Yifan and Luhan. When asked what would have happened if SM Entertainment didn’t approve the idea, Lay stated, “The members trust me a lot. Similar to the song ‘Promise,’ I will keep my promise with EXO. There is no way I will terminate my contract. I will strive on.

Lay also added, “I need to use my own hard work to show that Chinese people can be trusted. If everyone terminates, then perhaps SM Entertainment won’t work with Chinese people in the future. This would hinder the cultural exchange between China and Korea.

Source: Weibo