EXO’s “Power” Is Becoming A Global Sports Anthem

EXO gave “Power” to this sporting event.

EXO‘s smash hit “Power” is on its way to becoming the ultimate K-Pop sports’ anthem.


This energic, electro-pop bop is one of the most beloved tracks on EXO’s The War: The Power of Music album. “Power” dropped back in September 2017 but has experienced a resurgence of popularity in the past month thanks to the FIFA World Cup.


On July 4, EXO’s “Power” faced off against BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE” in an intense voting battle for the chance to be played during the World Cup finals.


Although EXO won the poll by a narrow margin on Twitter, BTS won FIFA’s Instagram poll.

EXO’s “Power” Just Barely Beat Out BTS’s “Fake Love” To Be Played At FIFA World Cup 2018


In the end, both songs were declared winners.

Don’t Worry ARMY, BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Will Also Be Played at FIFA World Cup 2018


Many netizens who voted for “Power” felt that the song was well-suited to the sports setting.


Less than a week after the FIFA vote, “Power” became the sports anthem of choice at the Philippines national volleyball finals.


The arena played “Power” whenever a player scored, hyping up the players on both teams.


EXO-L volleyball fans are loving the surprise “collaboration” between their hobbies, and hope to hear more EXO at future sports events.


Thanks for giving Manila the “Power”, EXO!