“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Tae Oh Wows Netizens With His Version Of HYBE Group NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” TikTok Challenge

The actor reminded everyone why he debuted as an idol!

When the hottest K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo started airing, the cast found that their fame skyrocketed almost overnight. Actors and actresses who have been in the industry for years became household names, particularly Kang Tae Oh.

Actor Kang Tae Oh | @kto940620/Instagram

The actor played Lee Jun Ho, the love interest of Woo Young Woo (played by Park Eun Bin). Throughout the series, the actor gained a lot of love and attention from netizens for his acting, visuals, and charm.

However, although everyone knows him as this amazing actor, it shocked a lot of people when they found out that Kang Tae Oh actually first debuted as part of an idol group.

Back in 2013, Kang Tae Oh first made a name for himself when his agency Fantagio Entertainment debuted the first actor group called 5urprise. Along with Kang Tae Oh, the group had the likes of Yoo IlSeo Kang JoonGong Myung, and Lee Tae Hwan.

The members of 5urprise | Fantagio

The group released several songs and music videos in both Korean and Japanese. They were the real deal, and netizens can’t help but feel nostalgic about it.


Recently, Kang Tae Oh reminded netizens that he was an idol during his recent fanmeeting. Although netizens raised sadness after the actor revealed his enlistment date, the event was also full of so many amazing moments.

Kang Tae Oh recently created his own TikTok channel and has been wowing fans by getting involved in some of the hottest viral trends on the platform.

Of course, when it comes to hot challenges on TikTok, one that has taken the K-Pop world by storm is the “Hype Boy” challenge created by HYBE’s newest girl group NewJeans! The group and other idols have all participated, and it’s become the talk of the industry.

NewJeans’ Hyein and LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha and Eunchae

NewJeans with ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki 

Considering Kang Tae Oh’s past as an idol, it wasn’t surprising that host JaeJae asked the actor to take part. With such a busy schedule, Kang Tae Oh didn’t know about the trend and watched a video of NewJeans and ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki doing it.

Watching carefully, the actor saw the clip twice and although he seemed confused, he started to get the hang of it when watching it for the second time.

| TikTok

| TikTok   

After only seeing it a few times, it was Kang Tae Oh’s turn. Although he explained that he knew the song already, Kang Tae Oh seemed nervous as JaeJae asked him to prepare for the challenge.

| TikTok 

Unsurprisingly, it is safe to say that Kang Tae Oh absolutely slayed the challenge. He might have only watched it a few times, but he captured the essence of the dance with his sharp movements.

| TikTok

| TikTok   

When the videos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over Kang Tae Oh’s talent, with many revealing that they kept forgetting he was actually an idol.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Kang Tae Oh absolutely shined in the challenge as he’s basically an honorary member of HYBE. The actor recently gained attention on TikTok after using the filter where you can see which K-Pop agency you would be part of.

After going through the four big companies, Kang Tae Oh finally landed on HYBE. Kang Tae Oh seemed extremely happy about the results and couldn’t hide his smile after seeing that he belonged in HYBE.

Netizens sometimes forget that Kang Tae Oh started in an idol group until he manages to slay some choreography of a hit new group in a matter of seconds. Hopefully, we see some more dance challenges from the actor before he has to enlist later in the month.

You can read more about Kang Tae Oh being an honorary member of HYBE below.

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